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      Certainly, he said in his grave fashion.Lady Wyndover laughed again, but did not explain.

      The other lady laughed.

      You must, she said, simply. If you were to do itgive it back to meI should refuse it, the whole truth would come out, and I should go back to Three Star.Lady Wyndover looked at her curiously. The girls face vibrated strangely; her eyes were bright; her usually ivory-white face had taken to itself a rose-like flush.

      Ah! Taffy drew a long breath of disappointment. Nothingnothing from Ralda, I spose? he added in an off-hand way.

      Esmeralda is looking well, he said, in a casual way.

      As Esmeralda rode along between her two captors, she felt that they were ascending one of the hills, and then that they were going down on the other side. Neither of the men spoke, and at last she said:


      My name dont matter, she said. Youd best not talk.


      "No," said Kincaid, "you come with me to this drill. Nobody'll take offence."


      I shall not forget you, he said, hoarsely. Her anguish, her utter abandon, was torture to him. He forgot that he was just married to a girl who loved him with all her pure hearts passionate devotion; at that moment he remembered only this woman whom he had loved and who still loved him.Unlesswhat? he asked. Be frank with me, dearest. You should have no thought that I do not share. You say that you are unhappy. Great heavens! I can scarcely believe my ears. He tried to smile. You know that all my life is devoted to making you happy. Tell me what is wrong?